January 31, 2018

You’re in Rome and you’ve seen most of the city’s beauties by now; at the time you don’t know where to go. Well, if you are a lover of art then you should definitely visit the Monet art exhibition, held in the Complesso del Vittoriano (one of the capital’s landmarks).

Claude Monet (14th November 1840 – 5th December 1926), for those who don’t know, is the founder of the French Impressionist painting, a movement characterized by their emphasis on accurate depiction of light in its changing qualities and the “impression” their art would leave on people.









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Every piece of art gives off different feelings and everyone experiences it in a different way. This is exactly what happens at this exhibition.

Once you’ve bought your ticket you will be told to go upstairs, where the magic begins. A timeline of Monet’s life will greet you, the audioguide will slowly introduce you to the wonders that the artist created. You will walk into and onto his paintings, as they are projected on the walls and floors of the hallways. Colors will start playing in front of you and emotions will flood. Will you feel sadness? Happiness? Melancholy, maybe? Slowly yet surely you will be in another world and just for a second, you will forget about the day to day nonsense that surrounds you – your life will be a just a memory, while the paintings tell you a story.


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“I wasn’t a fan of Monet before this exhibition” says Ludovica “I remember studying him in school and wondering what the fuss was all about. Now I understand. It’s magical, there’s no other way to describe it. I think I’ve never felt so many emotions all at once before. Too bad it didn’t last long.” Only 60 of his works are exposed so yes, the tour, sadly, doesn’t last long and it feels like just a minute has gone by when you reach the exit. The paintings, which are here exhibited, were donated to the Musée Marmottan Monet, in Paris, by the artist’s son, Michel, and now the museum was kind enough to “lend” us the paintings so that we can admire in person the masterpieces that the father of Impressionism created. “He’s one of my all time favorites. It’s a very emotional tour. I love the way he studies colors, the way they meet on the canvas and sort of dance around, pulling you in. The colors speak to you. I don’t even know how to explain it. It’s unique.” From his first sketches and caricatures to the Japanese bridge, the weeping willow, the rose path, the wisteria, the water lilies, they are all exhibited. You can witness the slow progression and changes he made in his paintings. The discoveries he made.  There are even videos of him painting so you can see him in action. Monet made en plein air painting a ritual of life. Monet pursued “impressions”.





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He painted no matter the weather and he would paint the same subject numerous times, until the light was just right. And did you know that he personally took care of the flowers he painted? Monet even once said that if he weren’t a painter he would probably be a gardener.

It will be an experience that you will never forget and that you will probably want to undergo again and again. So what are you waiting for? The exhibition is open until June 3rd. Tickets cost 15€ and they include an audioguide (remember to bring your own headphones for a better experience!), but they also have some concessions so make sure to ask if you can have any. I suggest you go to the exhibition early in the morning (they are open from Monday to Thursday from 9.30 am to 7.30 pm; Friday and Saturday 9.30 am to 10.00 pm; Sunday from 9.30 am to 8.30 pm) in order to avoid a large crowd of people, since the location (unfortunately) isn’t very big and because Monet’s works need to be admired (in my opinion) almost in privacy. Don’t miss out! 

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