Our TOP 5 restaurant choice for january

January 10, 2018

You’ve been wandering around Rome for some time now and your tummy is starting to growl, begging for some food? Well, if you’re at Ponte Milvio, I’ve got you covered – here are the top 5 restaurants in the area.



 #5 Antica Trattoria Pallotta

This wonderful Trattoria has been around since 1820 and has since had a close relationship with the film industry – the celebrities of the time would eat here and it was pretty famous back then. The dishes they serve are tasty and more than enough with a constantly evolving menu. There is plenty of space inside and the atmosphere is very warm and welcoming. The only negative aspect I must warn you about is the high priced menu. But is it worth it? You can bet your pizza it is!





#4 Met

This restaurant also has history – this year they’re celebrating their 10th anniversary. What’s the secret to their success, you ask? Well their glamorous atmosphere makes you feel like a star, while maintaining a homey-touch. Some define it as a “magic garden” or a “hidden Eden” as it is secluded from all the confusion of the Ponte Milvio area. Trendy and with a young clientele, this is the right place to go for a more sophisticated night out. Beware though – the prices aren’t exactly low. Fancy and cheap just don’t go well together, you know.





#3 Lo’steria

If you’re looking for a more casual night out, then you should definitely check this place out! Lo’steria offers typical Roman dishes with a modern take. Speaking of recipes, if you’re curious to know just how to cook a carbonara, all you have to do is look around you – on the columns and on the walls of the restaurant, all of the Italian cuisine’s secrets are laid out for you to see. The atmosphere is warm and definitely loud… I mean… Italian. The prices here are good and you will certainly leave on a full belly.    






#2 Nick Ponte Milvio

When you enter this place, you will fall in love the outstanding warmth of the restaurant’s staff. The dishes you will be offered are far from scarce – abundance is a key word here. Not only that, but if you are curious to know just how the chef is cooking the tasty course of mezze maniche with jowl bacon and artichokes you just ordered, all you have to do is peek through the window that divides the two of you – that’s right, they have an open kitchen. The menu, in case you were wondering, consists of traditional Roman servings mixed with contemporary tastes.







#1 Gli Specialisti

These guys really are experts*, let me tell you that. Every employee here is nice, willing and definitely know what they’re doing, just as the restaurant’s boss, Alessandro. “Wait, you know the boss’ name?” – why, of course I do! He will often walk around the tables, making sure everything is alright, and even recommend some of the best traditional Roman dishes you will ever have. That’s right, this restaurant is the place to go if you want to truly feel like home (even though you’re obviously not) and try the custom Roman cuisine. The prices are relatively low, considering the amazing food quality, the cordial atmosphere and the true Italian food experience. This restaurant is certainly number one on my list and I definitely recommend it.





So what are you waiting for? Go have some Italian food.




*specialisti in Italian means experts

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